Welcome to the website for the SLO County Scooter Posse.  We are a group of local residents of SLO County who gather together to share the fun of owning and riding motor scooters.

Our primary activity is a once a month ride somewhere in SLO County.  The minimum requirements is that you own a scooter with at least a 125 cc engine.  Scooters with smaller engines would probably not be able to navigate the roads around the county at normal road speeds.

Our members include a broad range of ages, professions and life styles.  If you like to scooter,  you will enjoy this group.

To be notified about our get together activities, please fill in your email address in the right hand column and click Email Me.  Doing that will place you on our mailing list for notification about new rides and comments by the members of the Posse.

This website will be updated in the future to provide a place where you can tell us about yourself, your scooter(s) and what you like to do.